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Accu-systems' Foreclosed Assets Bought By Founder's Son

Accu-Systems H49 horiontal point to point machine Rebecca Kubacki (R-Syracuse) said she hopes to craft legislation on several family-oriented bills. "Everything is family-oriented a November 21, 2013 1 Photo Coal towns worried future may be bleak NEWTON, Ill. -- Coal towns worried about future Tiny Newton swaddles itself in all things Burl Ives, the folksy Oscar-winning actor who hailed from around the southern Illinois farm town of 2,850. The Embarras River bridge bearing his name is along t November 21, 2013 Nappanee offers help to Kokomo NAPPANEE -- We've been there and we're here to help. That's the message Nappanee officials sent to Kokomo officials Monday after storms tore through the Midwest Sunday, with reportedly 10 to 15 tornadoes striking in Indiana and at least one tornado t November 21, 2013 One dead in U.S. 33 wreck Few details were available concerning a wreck early Wednesday evening but police did confirm at least one person was dead. The incident took place around 5:45 p.m. at U.S. 33, north of C.R. 50 Wednesday.
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Woodworking CNC Routers Suppliers

Jeff Hatch, who worked with his father, Mel, at Accu-Systems for more than 20 years, purchased the company's assets from the bank that foreclosed Accu-Systems. Accu-Systems officially closed its doors on Nov. 6. According to court records obtained at the U.S. Bankruptcy Court District of Utah, Accu-Systems filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy in November 2006. The company's reorganization plan, which named Bank of American Fork as a secured creditor that held a lien on Accu-Systems' property, was accepted by the court in May 2008. click image to zoom Jeff Hatch's new company, Pillar Machine, will manufacture, market and sell Accu-Systems machines. Accu-Systems has serviced the woodworking industry for more than three decades.
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Post Woodworking Streamlines Custom Shed Creation

to 120 in. process width, 32 in. table height, 6 in. to 13.5 in. Z axis stroke & 6 in. to 8 in. gantry clearance. Features of routers include controllers, programmable functions, multiple tooling configurations, multiple horsepower spindles, linear ways & bearings, welded & CNC machined steel table bases, torque drive motors, extruded vacuum chamber beds & rack & pinion transmissions.
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